In this Peak nootropics review, I’ll be sharing the due diligence process that I employ when evaluating a nootropic online supplement company.

Who Are Peak Nootropics?

Peak nootropics are a company that was initially founded in 2012, operating out of Fort Collins, Colorada. They are a professional nootropic supplement company who takes great pride in providing quality customer service and high-quality, affordable nootropics.

Longevity is important when choosing an online nootropics company.

Whilst it’s normal for a new company to have hiccups as they streamline their business operations, a company that has a few years under its belt is more likely to have ironed out any kinks in their system; thus, standing the test of time when it comes to trustability, product quality, shipping and customer service.


Peak Nootropic’s Website

First Impressions Count

Website design and usability is something that is important as a potential customer of any service or product purchased online. A website is the shop front of the company selling their product or service.

If a company claims to be professional, yet doesn’t have a professional looking and functioning website, it’s most likely a company that I will pass on as a customer

Peak nootropic’s website is professionally made and easy to navigate. This indicates that they understand the importance of having a user-friendly platform for a customer to browse and purchase their products.

Consumer Education

Consumer education is crucial with any product, it shows that the company is responsible and cares for their potential clients and customers.

Providing customers the information that they need on products and services allows the customer to make informed decisions about their future purchases, and affiliation with the company.

A company that puts time and effort into writing articles to educate people on their products is a great sign, especially when it comes to nootropic supplementation.

Three great articles from Peak Nootropics





Money Back Guarantee

If I’m looking to buy a product online, and that company doesn’t have a money back guarantee or refund policy, I’ll walk away or rather click away. Having a guarantee automatically shows me that the company is interested in customer service and satisfaction.

A money back guarantee/refund policy indicates:

  • Confidence that their products are of high value
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Professionalism

Clinical Grade Quality

When it comes to choosing a nootropic company, clinical grade quality is an absolute must. Nootropics, for the most part, aren’t regulated by any governing board. Taking that into consideration and the act of buying online makes it easier for scam like companies to market something like baby powder as a nootropic.

Peak nootropics submit their products for third party analysis. They use Colmaric Analyticals LLC (see here) to test for purity and screen for metal and organic impurities.

Products are consistently tested at a purity of 98% and above. Another thing you want to look for is how recent the third party results are.

Third party certificates indicate that peak nootropics aren’t slack in ensuring that their products meet the standard that they are advertising. Peaknootropics provides certificates of analysis on all of their products that are easily accessible on their website.

If a nootropics company claims that they test their quality via a third party, yet don’t provide a certificate of analysis, my advice would be to contact them and ask for their most recent certificates of analysis.

An example of a certificate of analysis from peak nootropics can be found HERE.


Online Presence and Other Reviews

The great thing about the internet is that if a company is lacklustre or illegitimate, past customers will scream at the top of their lungs and let everyone know about it.

There is a growing presence of nootropic advocates and users online; when a company shows consistent incompetence, bad customer service and sells an inferior product, others will speak about it!

I have come across the very occasional disgruntled customer, that’s to be expected. What I haven’t come across is a consistent pattern of customers screaming “don’t buy from them, they are a scam!”.

A consistent pattern of negativity due to a company selling inferior products and providing poor customer service is an automatic ‘walk away as a customer’ scenario for me. Peak nootropics show the opposite.

Forums, comment sections and video reviews show consistent patterns of positivity, in both the quality of their products and customer experience when dealing with peak nootropics.



When I consider pricing on nootropics, I look at it as a spectrum. Low priced nootropics are a possible red flag of selling inferior products and that the company may not be customer service orientated.

If a company claims to be customer and product focused like peak nootropics, then I expect to see an average to higher price range. The reason being is that quality customer service, and third party lab analyses cost money.

When a company has extremely low priced products, my initial thoughts are- “where are they cutting corners?”. When I deal with a company, I want to be confident that their products and customer service are of a high standard.

Peak nootropics prices are competitive and on par with other well established and reputable nootropic companies. Another indication that they are a professional, customer orientated and a trustworthy online business.

Conclusion and Advice for Potential Customers

When someone asks my advice on nootropics I always give my honest opinion and will encourage them to do their own due diligence. Don’t just take my word for it, analyze the company yourself and see if you come to the same conclusion.

Peak nootropics get my tick of approval due to the reasons mentioned throughout this article.

Read the Reviews

The reviews provided by customers of peak nootropics can be found under the products on their website. These reviews are a great indication of the quality of products, users experiences of that nootropic, and peak nootropics customer and shipping services.

Aniracetam is something that I am very experienced with, the reviews of people who have used peak nootropic’s aniracetam correlates with my experiences. To read my article on aniracetam Click Here.

Who they Can and Can’t Ship To

Peak nootropics do a great job of recording what countries they can and can’t ship to.

There is nothing more frustrating than placing an order, and later learning that your order has been seized by customs. To avoid this Click Here, and don’t hesitate to contact them if you need further clarification, also, check our their FAQ page.

US customers-  shipping usually takes 3-5 days using USPS First Class Mail.

International customers – shipping takes 7-14 days but can vary due to different variables such as customs.

They don’t ship on Sunday or on holidays.


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14 thoughts on “Peak Nootropics Review – Due Diligence

  1. This is quite interesting. I honestly have not heard of Peak Nootropics before, but have been interested in trying nootropics. My friend uses Adderx (I believe it’s called) and seems to have good experience with it. However, when I looked in to it awhile back, it seems as though it did not have the best reviews.

    Peak Nootropics sounds like it might be a better option for me. I do like that it has a guarantee. That shows confidence in the product.
    Thank you so much for this information.

  2. Very well done review. I don’t think there was anything that you missed. You covered every topic, leaving no room for questions about this product. Although I would not be a buyer of this product, it was very informative and interesting. I liked how you added videos in parts of your review to help break up some of the reading. I think that was a very good idea to help keep people interested in what they are reading.

    Thank you for your time
    Online Job Market Secrets
    Owner, Zach Campbell MM+

  3. Hi Curt, nice review on Peak Nootropics. I used to take Nootropics regularly during my high school days and I believed it has helped me tremendously in my studies as I was consistently one of the top student of my school. Peak Nootropic will definitely in my consideration as I am looking to improve my work rate and capacity in the office. Thanks for the review Curt!

  4. Hi Curt

    I haven’t heard of Peak Nootropics before but I am certainly keen to learn more over the up coming weeks. They sound like quite a legit company. You are also right that a website is in the forefront as a representation of a company and likewise a guarantee adds to the legitimacy of their operations. I have bookmarked your review for referencing. Great reading.


  5. This is very interesting article. Is this a “limitless” type drug? I heard of them but never what your talking about so wondering if it is similar. I have bipolar disorder and no medicine really works because of the side effects. It is either to strong or not strong enough and I just got sick of them changing it around trying to get the right combination. I need to be on something cause I am either bad depressed or manically happy. I never know what I will be from day to waking day. Will this help me?
    Can I get in a study?

    1. Hey Tammy,

      Nootropics can sometimes be marketed as limitless type drugs. They can have interesting effects, especially when someone first starts taking them. With me for example, I first noticed my hearing being more acute, colors more vibrant, it was easier for me to formulate sentences, my anxiety went down and my brain felt more switched on.

      I understand what you are saying with bipolar disorder and medication. You can read my article called “Aniracetam For Anxiety, Stress, Depression And Cognition“.

      I have taken aniracetam for the past two years to help with my PTSD. I went from having life-threatening anxiety and other symptoms to today having little to no anxiety and symptoms. Aniracetam has definitely helped regulate my mood and sharpened my mental clarity and focus. Whilst PTSD is not bipolar disorder there are some similarities in regards to mood swings.

      My recommendation would be to try aniracetam in capsule form from peak nootropics. If you have trouble swallowing capsules you can purchase aniracetam in powder. Try it at the dose that the suppliers recommend, if you notice a difference, keep taking them, if you don’t then don’t buy them again.

      Here’s a quote from the conclusion of a study that I think you’ll find interesting. Click on the quote and it’ll take you to the research paper.

      New indications are based on findings that aniracetam restores various types of mental function impairment or cerebral dysfunction in animal models of CNS disorders. These findings suggest possible usefulness of aniracetam in the treatment of personality disorders, anxiety,depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, autism, negative symptoms of schizophrenia,and sleep disorders. Clinical trials are needed to validate these new indications.

      If you have any more questions Tammy please don’t hesitate to ask me, I’m more than happy to help.

  6. Frankly Speaking, this is the first time i’ve heard of Peak Nootropic as i’m not a medicine kind of guy. But after reading the detail review of this product, it might afterall be a good time to try Peak Nootropic!
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful information to me. Already bookmarked your site for more of such infos.

  7. I’m always interested in effectively using your mind and reaching and getting access to new parts of the brain that will produce some great result in real life. Whether it’ll be through substance or through life experience, getting a new perspective that will help you in life I’m all up for it. I’m not so much about taking stuff just for pleasure and recreational purpose but for productivity in real life. I haven’t tried many nootropics but one of my favorites was Modafinil. There are some minor after effects that I wasn’t very fond of but overall I think Modafinil was one of the best products that can be helpful when it comes to productivity. What was your favorite nootropic?

    1. Hey Joon.

      My favorites are aniracetam and noopept. I’ve been taking them both for the past two years to help with anxiety and cognition.

      Appreciate your comment and question mate!

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